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Your health depends on how well your food is digested. We have a formulation that can help you digest food using your body’s intelligence.

Introducing Nektar with our unique technology Digestive Intelligence®.

Digestive Intelligence®

Digestive Intelligence® (DI) is derived in a proprietary process involving trypsin inhibitor. In its natural form, trypsin inhibitors in the digestive system assist the body in regulating the action of trypsin which breaks down proteins and other nutrients such as fats. In essence, serving as the gatekeeper to the absorption of calories in the body. In today’s busy world, our dietary needs are challenged with poor food quality, excessive calories, and imbalanced eating. Digestive Intelligence® goes beyond natural trypsin inhibitor by assisting your body in blocking the absorption of those excess calories in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, while maximizing the absorption of the nutrients the body needs.


Nektar containing Mirabai’s exclusive technology, Digestive Intelligence®, is being introduced to customers in a format that is light, easy to carry, even through airport screenings. We have designed Nektar with convenience in mind so that it can be easily used by sprinkling a few drops of Nektar into whatever food or drink one is consuming.

We are looking for customers who would like to test Nektar and provide valuable feedback.

From Organic source

Digestive Intelligence® (DI) is derived in a proprietary process from Organic Soya Bean. We do not use any GMO product in manufacturing and our ingredients are 100% Vegan.

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