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Digestive Intelligence®

Digestive Intelligence®  is derived by trituration of trypsin inhibitor.

What is Trypsin Inhibitor? 

Trypsin is the master digestive enzyme in the body that breaks down proteins and regulates the action of many other enzymes such as the fat digesting enzyme lipase. Trypsin family of enzymes are synthesized in the pancreas and small intestine, and the pancreas also naturally produces trypsin inhibitors to intelligently control the activity of trypsin and other enzymes to put brakes on the digestive processes where needed.

Where is Trypsin Inhibitor found? 

While the pancreas makes trypsin inhibitor, certain foods also contain trypsin inhibitors. These include most legumes such as soy and other beans, lentils, and egg white.  Human breast milk also contains trypsin inhibitors to protect the newborn baby’s developing digestive system.   

Where do we get Trypsin Inhibitor for our formulas? 

We begin the process of creating our products using only Non-GMO, Organic Soybeans.  With a proprietary chemical-free extraction method, we are able to render a completely pure and functional form of soybean trypsin inhibitor. 

What happens to Trypsin Inhibitor with Progressive Fractional TriturationTM (PFTTM)? 

The next step in the process of making Digestive Intelligence® formulas includes imprinting trypsin inhibitor onto a bland substance (like lactose or rice powder) to a dilution beyond Avogadro’s number through a process called PFTTM With the PFTTM process, there is no physical presence of trypsin inhibitor remaining.  Instead what is left is a Molecular ImprintTM of trypsin inhibitor.  The result is a specialized trypsin inhibitor formula that is highly bioavailable, with no possibility for toxicity, or adverse effects.  This makes Digestive Intelligence® formulas ideal for your body.

How do Digestive Intelligence® formulas help me? 

In its natural form, trypsin inhibitors in the digestive system assist the body in regulating the action of trypsin which breaks down proteins and other nutrients such as fats.  In essence serving as the gatekeeper to the absorption of calories in the body.  In today’s busy world, our dietary needs are challenged with poor food quality, excessive calories, and imbalanced eating.  Digestive Intelligence® supplements go beyond natural trypsin inhibitor by assisting your body in blocking the absorption of those excess calories in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, while maximizing the absorption of the nutrients the body needs.

How do the Herbal Enhancements in the Digestive Intelligence® formulas help me? 

Organic herbs are carefully selected according to their specific benefits for the multiple organ systems in the body.  Once diluted through the PFTTM process, they become much more available to the body through Molecular ImprintTM.  Each Digestive Intelligence® formula is herbally enhanced according to each formulas’ specific design.

The body needs a wide range of nutrients in the right amounts to grow, develop and maintain itself. Too much, or not enough, of any nutrient can lead to problems. A balanced diet lowers your risk of developing a range of chronic diseases and keeps your body functioning optimally.  In today’s world, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain such a diet.  Digestive Intelligence® formulas help the body maximize the nutrition and assimilation in your diet, with additional benefits to the body according to each formulas’ design. 

Digestive Intelligence® contains a propriety blend of trypsin inhibitor and herbal enhancements that are highly diluted (like homeopathic remedies) which allows them to be easily utilized according to each person’s body’s needs.  Because of this:

  • Digestive Intelligence® is unique in that it works with each person’s body according to their individual needs.
  • Digestive Intelligence® formulas are specifically designed:
    • 9 Doors: for reducing aches and pains while increasing body comfort. 
    • 5 Elements: for restoring balance to the mind, body and emotions of men (also for persons who “feel” like men)
    • 6thSense: for restoring balance to the mind, body and emotions of women (also for persons who “feel” like women)
  • Digestive Intelligence® formulas assist with digestion, assimilation and elimination
  • Digestive Intelligence® formulas Improve mood and give a sense of well-being
  • Digestive Intelligence® formulas allow persons with a healthy, balanced diet to reduce the need for vitamin supplements
  • Digestive Intelligence® formulas have no known side-effects