Digestive Intelligence®

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digestive Intelligence®? 


Q.  What does Digestive Intelligence® do?  How can it help me?

It achieves optimal absorption of all nutrients in the food we eat, inhibiting or rejecting the absorption of elements we do not need. It helps in balanced utilization of nutrients in the foods and beverages we consume.

Q.   Where can I find more information on your product?

You can call our Digestive Intelligence® office on +1 (224) 300-6319. You can email us at admin@mirabaiproducts.com or write to us at address 125 Commerce Drive, Suite A. Schaumburg. IL 60173. USA.

Q.   What is Molecular Imprint™?

Molecular Imprint™ is the transfer of the qualities and effects of one substance to another substance without changing the molecular structure of either of them.

Q.  Can Molecular Imprint™ affect the molecules in my body?


Q.  How is your product different or unique from others on the market?

There are no other products on the market using the trypsin inhibitor and made by Progressive Fractional Trituration™ (PFT). And with PFT, absorption is better than any other product made by any crude method. There are no harmful effects otherwise associated with soy trypsin inhibitors.

How does Digestive Intelligence® work?

Q.  Since our bodies naturally absorb the nutrition they need, how can Digestive Intelligence® benefit me?

Our bodies naturally absorb nutrition with the pancreatic trypsin inhibitors. If we ate only natural foods at natural needed quantities, we might not need any supplement like Digestive Intelligence®. But our eating habits being what they are, we need this supplement.

Q.  If my body has its own wisdom and I’m supposed to trust it, why do I need Digestive Intelligence®?

It assists the body’s wisdom.

Q.  How is this Digestive Intelligence® made?

The natural trypsin inhibitor in the soya bean is extracted and diluted beyond Avogadro’s number where only the Molecular Imprint™ of the original is left. It is enhanced by herbal dilutions also diluted by the PFT (Progressive Fractional Trituration™) method beyond Avogadro’s number.

Q.  What is Avogadro’s number?

A number diluted to a point where there is not even one molecule in any substance, meaning that a substance has been diluted beyond any physical presence.

Q.  Is Progressive Fractional Trituration similar to homeopathy? What is it, exactly?

It is slightly better method of making dilutions and is more effective in creating molecular imprints.

Q.  If there is no physical presence of the ingredients, then what’s in it? And how can it work when there is no physical presence of anything?

It works on the basis of molecular imprints having a greater effectiveness than crude physical ingredients.

Q.  How does Digestive Intelligence® work?

It works the same way as the naturally occurring trypsin inhibitor in the pancreas. It supplements the work of the pancreatic trypsin inhibitor in an easily absorbable dietary supplement.

Q.  How was Digestive Intelligence® invented and discovered?

It was discovered when surplus supplies of soya beans in the United States were used to treat PCM (Protein Calorie Malnutrition) in children in the third world countries, it was found the trypsin inhibitor was inhibiting the absorption of protein and other nutrients, reducing the effect of the soya bean supplements.

Q.  How is it you are able to determine that Digestive Intelligence®helps optimize nutrients for the body?

Research from 1970 to date, a period of 40 years, has shown this.

Q.  You say Digestive Intelligence® has “nutritional intelligence”, what does that mean?

Nutritional intelligence is the wisdom of the body to find out what is nutritionally needed by it.

What are the directions for use?

Q.  How do I take it?

You can take one capsule with your principal meal or meals, up to three times daily.

Q.  Will I get any extra benefit if I take two capsules with a meal instead of one?

No, each capsule has the right quantity of Digestive Intelligence® for each meal.

Q.  Will any substance, such as coffee, alcoholic beverages or any foods lessen the efficacy of Digestive Intelligence®?

No foods or beverages have been noticed to decrease the effectiveness of Digestive Intelligence®.

Q.  Can I overdose?

You cannot overdose but the effectiveness will decrease by taking too much Digestive Intelligence®. Each capsule has the right quantity of Digestive Intelligence® for one meal.

Q.  How do I know which formula is right for me?

  • 5 elements is primarily for men.
  • 6th sense is primarily for women.
  • 9 Doors is for body comfort and can be taken by everybody.

Q.  Are there formulas that don’t work well together at the same time?

5 elements and 6th Sense don’t work well together.

Q.  Can I take more than one formula of Digestive Intelligence®?

9 Doors can be taken with either 5 Elements or 6th Sense. But 5 Elements and 6th Sense should not be taken together.

Q.  If I don’t take Digestive Intelligence® with a meal, how long after a meal can I take it and still get the benefits?

Within half an hour.

Q.  Is Digestive Intelligence® safe for children, seniors, and pregnant women?

The current versions are for adults. Research is underway for a children’s version.

Q.  Will it increase absorption of prescription drugs such as blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, or psychiatric medications?

No. It works only on food nutrients.

Q.  Will I need to adjust prescription medications when I take Digestive Intelligence®?

You must consult the medical doctor who prescribes the medications.

Q.  If I have difficulty swallowing capsules and pills, can I add the Digestive Intelligence® to water?

Yes. We are working on extending our range to soon have liquid version of Digestive Intelligence® .

Advisory Information

Q.  How long is the shelf-life?

One year.

Q.  Have you done clinical trials?

For over 40 years. But no placebo or double-blind trials have been done. No adverse effects have been reported during these 40 years.

Q.  Do I need to continue taking as many vitamins if I take Digestive Intelligence®? Does it eliminate the need for vitamin supplements?

This product does not substitute for vitamins.

Q.  How can I benefit from Digestive Intelligence® if I am already in good health?

It can help you to continue to maintain your good health!

Q.  Are there any possible side effects from Digestive Intelligence®?

There are no known side effects as the physical product is totally non-toxic.

Q.  Can I give Digestive Intelligence® to my pets?

Yes, pets can also benefit in optimal utilization of nutrients in their food.

Q.  How many times a day should I take Digestive intelligence®? What would happen if I take more than the recommended amount?

Up to three times a day if you consume three principal meals. Taking more than that does not provide any additional benefit.

Q.  If I take Digestive Intelligence® without eating a meal, will it have any benefit at all?

It will still help but at a decreased level.

Q.  If Digestive Intelligence® optimises nutrients in food, will it enhance assimilation of vitamin supplements?

Digestive Intelligence® works best on natural nutrients including natural vitamins and minerals occurring in food.

Q.  Will taking vitamin supplements interfere with Digestive Intelligence® in my system?


Q.  If Digestive Intelligence® inhibits absorption of whatever my body doesn’t need, then will it also inhibit absorption of toxins and such?


Q.  Should I stop taking Digestive Intelligence® when my body is balanced, or negative symptoms disappear?


Q.  What should I do if my symptoms (pain or other) get worse?

Stop taking whatever is causing the aggravation.

Q.  Can I take it with homeopathic remedies, herbs, and prescription medicine? Will it interfere with any of these?

The homeopath or medical doctor must determine that.

Q.  Can I add Digestive Intelligence® directly to food?

It is better taken in the capsule.

Q.  Is it okay to heat up – or even cook with Digestive Intelligence®?

No. It is not intended to work well after being heated or cooked.

Q.  Why do I get hungrier after taking Digestive Intelligence® (I don’t want to gain weight)?

Because it improves the absorption of nutrients. Do more exercise and eat in moderation for weight control.

Q.  Can it cause diarrhoea?


Q.  Can it help with autism, allergies or asthma – or any other ailment?

Digestive Intelligence® is not meant to be a medicinal cure for any ailment and it does not treat ailments.

Q.  Can it help balance blood sugar – diabetes or hypoglycemia?

No. It is not a medicine.

Q.  Is this approved by the FDA?

No, this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.

Q.  Is it homeopathic?

It is not a homeopathic remedy.


Q.  Does trypsin inhibitor block protein absorption?

It does inhibit excessive protein and other nutrients in the body.

Q.  If I am allergic to soya, can I take Digestive Intelligence®?

Yes, you can. Although trypsin is taken from the soya bean, it is diluted in rice powder up to a point where there is no physical presence of the soya bean, but the effect of the trypsin inhibitor is still there. This result is achieved by Progressive Fractional Trituration™.

Q.  If Digestive Intelligence® is made from soya beans, how can it not be a soya product?

For the same reason as stated above.

Q.  Is Digestive Intelligence® a vitamin or herb medicine?

It is neither a vitamin nor a medicine. It is a natural dietary supplement using rice powder as its base.

Q.  What herbs are in the herbal dilutions? What if it’s something I’m allergic to?

There are no physical herbs. They have been diluted beyond Avogadro’s number.

Orders and Promotions

Q.  Where can I purchase the product?

Available soon.

Q.  Do you have a way to automatically reorder the product?

Yes, place an order to get it weekly or monthly.

Q.  Can I have a bulk discount?

Yes. You can buy a case, which is 12 bottles, for a wholesale price (half the retail price) plus shipping and tax.

Delivery and Returns

Q.  What is your return policy?

Coming soon…..