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Digestive intelligence

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Who are we?

A team of hand selected professionals from various industry verticals. We've created a natural plant product that targets the well being of human race.

A unique formula, the primary function of which is to intelligently help the human body digest nutrients and calories it requires and reject the excess........simple. Thereby maintaining a healthy body at all times, we all know how damaging excess calories and nutrients are to our bodies.

We call our product Digestive Intelligence TM .  Our formula is  a registered trade secret.

Our Science

Digestive IntelligenceTM

..... take in the required calories and nutrients and reject the excess calories and nutrients.... that's Digestive IntelligenceTM


Our human body is one of the most wonderful creation on planet earth. Miles and miles of nerves, arteries, digestive conduits, complex signals, super fast brain cells, amazing DNA coiled tightly to form structures and more, suffice to say its an absolute wonder of miracle. Albeit in daily life, all this is taken for granted, we do however take great care in nurturing, cleaning and feeding it.

But we all  know there are numerous times our ambitious mind pushes it's limits, we over step the mark. When that happens this amazing human body responds in many unique ways. A perfect example being, Pain is one of natures many ways of communicating a call of help. Excessive consumption of calories lead to its own complications.

What if there was a way to intelligently help the body to ONLY  retain required calories and reject surplus despite whatever eating habits our lifestyle prefers or dictates.

And this is what our science has discovered, we call it digestive intelligence for the human body.

Digestive IntelligenceTM

Digestive intelligence


Digestive Intelligence lends itself to various applications. As we grow we are discovering various additional applications. Some of our established application are dietary supplements, skin creams,,, etc etc….

Digestive Intelligence

End Products

Digestive Intelligence is available via a number of products designed by Mirabai and its partners. These are available to purchase and B2B clients are encouraged to contact us ....... The dietary suplemets come in 3 types. these are specifically desinged for males, females and one for general body comfort. Our partners both All Star Foods, Miracle Foods and Haute Green Beauty incorporate into their product ranges. 


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