Collection of Highly Accomplished Talent

Our Team

CEO, President and Founder

Dr. Ishwar C Puri

Dr. Puri has an extensive background in nutrition, wellness, and preventive medicine. After graduating from Harvard University, Dr. Puri was awarded a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) fellowship to study soybeans in hopes of finding a solution to Protein Malnutrition in children of the third world.

As a young homeopathic doctor, he worked alongside Dr. Pierre Schmidt, M.D (1894-1987), one of the most eminent homoeopaths of our times. For more than 35 years, Dr. Puri has provided his expertise and consulted with various enterprises including the Vegetarian Health Society in Chicago.

A former senior official with the Government of India, Dr.Puri, acquired USA citizenship in 1982. Throughout his career, Dr. Puri has worked globally to build relationships and trust through collaboration, partnerships and relationships. He has created innovative products with the purpose of improving human health and well being.

Currently, Dr Puri serves as a board chairman, consultant and senior advisor to several corporations worldwide.

COO and Vice President

Pammi Mudhar

Dynamic, talented and successful business leader with outstanding experience and commanding knowledge of corporate management, commercial planning, sales in verticals (banking; education; telecommunications; utilities; medical) plus channel, marketing ABL and BTL, product planning and engineering.

Highly successful with premium global brand companies, Samsung, NEC and Pioneer. Headed up the complete European operations in the B2B market.  Built strong foundations in operational, teams, strategies resulting in doubling sales turnover with profitability year on year continual for 5 years.

Foundation in core electronics R&D, commanding a very sound analytical approach. Driving business through team motivation. A proven ambassador to customer retention and new development. Experience in maintaining and managing senior talent. Achieved industry solutions combining software and hardware.

Aaron 800X800 TU

Aaron Roy

Head of HR and Operations
Sasi U 800W

Sasibhushan Upadrasta

Head of IT
Vaidas 800W

Vaidas Butauskas

Head of Production and Maintenance

Kiki Angelos

Sales Manager
Hiba's Photo H500

Hiba Ahmed

Marketing Consultant
Ingrid B 740W

Ingrid Butauskas

Office and Accounting Manager
Jags 4

Jagannath Kerai

Senior Management Advisory

Mary Ann Bumbera

Senior Strategy Consultant
Wendy T

Wendy Thyer

Senior Science Consultant