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Our Science

About Digestive Intelligence®

Developed and constituted by Dr. Ishwar.C.Puri, Mirabai has a unique product that has been developed and tested for 35 years  Digestive Intelligence®.

Digestive Intelligence® is enhanced trypsin inhibitor additive.

The function of this product is surprisingly simple, yet outstandingly beneficial. It helps the body absorb essential nutrients from food and rejects excess nutrients the body does not need.

Trypsin is a digestive enzyme formed in the small intestine. Trypsin regulates the body's absorption of proteins and other nutrients in food by cleaving the peptide bond of amino acids, just as insulin, also produced in the pancreas, regulates the level of blood sugar to provide energy. Trypsin also regulates the action of fat-digesting enzyme lipase. Trypsin inhibitors - also known as serine protease inhibitors ("serpins") - are the largest and most diverse family of protease inhibitors. Serpins form a covalent bond with the serine proteases thereby stopping the action of Trypsin and other enzymes and inhibiting our ability to digest food and absorb excess nutrients. Trypsin inhibitors also stop the digestive system from digesting itself and are thus vital for our survival.

Digestive Intelligence® utilizes your body's wisdom to selectively absorb nutrients in food that your body needs and inhibits absorption of excess nutrients which the body can’t optimally use. In our fast-paced world of junk food, processed food and overeating, excess protein, fat, and caloric nutrition are a major causes of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and various metabolic diseases. Digestive Intelligence®'s nutritional intelligence assists the body's naturally occurring pancreatic trypsin to select only the calories needed. Trypsin inhibitors bind with serine protease and render the protease inactive. And because of our innovative process, Progressive Fractional Trituration®, there is no physical presence of soy trypsin inhibitor in our products - instead, there is a Molecular Imprint® of the soy trypsin inhibitor. This means that although we use organic, non-GMO soy, there is no presence of soy in Digestive Intelligence®.

The beauty of Digestive Intelligence® is that its effects are personalized. It caters to the needs of each individual by allowing the body to adjust or readjust to its own optimal balance. Our three formulas - 5 Elements for men, 6th Sense for women and 9 Doors for body comfort, contain proprietary herbal dilutions specifically for men, women and body ease. 

Our Science


In 1970 the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) awarded a fellowship to two residents from India – Dr. Ishwar C Puri, then working as Commercial Manager of Food Corporation of India, and a Food Technician. The purpose of this fellowship was to travel to various countries, including the United States, to study soybeans in hopes of finding a solution to the problem of Protein Malnutrition (PM) in children of the third world.

Dr. Puri and his technician strove to discover whether soybeans, which are high in protein, could be made into human-edible food. At that time, the United States had huge surpluses of soybeans which were going to waste and were mainly used as animal feed. The challenge with soybean conversion from animal feed into human food was the existence of a substance called trypsin inhibitor in soybeans.

Trypsin is a digestive enzyme produced in the pancreas that regulates the body's absorption of proteins and other nutrients in food. This is similar to how insulin, also produced in the pancreas, regulates the level of blood sugar to provide energy. Trypsin is an enzyme of the type "serine proteases” that cut peptide bonds in proteins which allow us to digest our food. In humans, they are responsible for coordinating various physiological functions, including digestion, immune response, blood coagulation and reproduction.

Trypsin inhibitors - also known as serine protease inhibitors ("serpins") - are the largest and most diverse family of protease inhibitors. 5 serpins form a covalent bond with the serine protease thereby inhibiting our ability to digest food." Trypsin inhibitor is also found in the vegetable kingdom, notably in soybeans, where it is concealed in the brim under the outer shell of the bean. There are four natural sources of trypsin inhibitors: bovine pancreas, ovomucoid (raw avian egg white), soybean, and lima bean. The regulation of proper ingestion of food in our bodies is done through the utilization of soy trypsin inhibitor, which inhibits the absorption of excess calories by blocking the action of trypsin. Hence the term, 'trypsin inhibitor’.

This substance made the beans hard to digest and inhibited the absorption of the protein into the human nutritional system. In fact, nearly 80% of the protein in the soybeans was going to waste. Many food companies were trying to find ways to eliminate trypsin inhibitor from the soybeans so it could be made into edible human food. Dr. Ishwar Puri and his technical partner were able to extract and separate the trypsin inhibitor from the soybean.

This allowed the resultant high protein soybean to be utilized as an excellent protein supplement in the diets of malnourished children and adults of the third world. However, even by providing this high-quality soy protein, the problem of Protein Malnutrition (PM) was not solved. The reason, as it was discovered, was that the protein was being utilized by the body in the same way as other calories such as those derived from carbohydrates and fats.

This discovery revealed that proteins and calories were exchangeable and the term "Protein Malnutrition (PM)" was revised to "Protein-Caloric Malnutrition (PCM)." This meant that the trypsin inhibitor in soybeans was not only inhibiting the absorption of protein, but also of calories from other foods by blocking the action of other digestive enzymes. Inhibitors bind with their serine protease, therefore rendering the protease inactive. The mechanisms by which serpins cleave proteins have been well studied'.

While the third world was suffering from PCM, Dr. Puri observed that the population of the United States was ingesting excess protein and calories in their food, leading to an over-all increase in obesity. It was then that Dr. Ishwar Puri reverse-engineered the utilization of trypsin inhibitor to inhibit the caloric absorption in foods. Companies manufacturing healthy fat free cookies, were encouraged to try the effect of Dr. Puri's soybean extracted trypsin inhibitor in cookies to help reduce calorie absorption. The results were amazing! The bulk of the calories were not absorbed in the human digestive system because of the inventive trypsin inhibitor. Our formula, Digestive Intelligence® uses the same innovative Trypsin Inhibitor developed by Dr. Puri, only further enhanced for more effective balanced absorption of nutrients. This has been achieved by the addition of natural herbal dilutions which, at high dilution, match the cellular structure of the human digestive system. These enhancers not only allow Digestive Intelligence® to regulate the balanced absorption of and calories, but also allow it to regulate and balance the absorption of all nutrients in the food that we eat.

Our Science


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