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Testing Nektar

Testing Nektar

Why should I test Nektar?

Our proprietary formula, Digestive Intelligence®, works in the body by intelligently discerning what specific nutrients your body needs for optimal health and absorbs only those nutrients. We are looking for customers who would like to test Nektar and provide valuable feedback.

Curious about the science of Digestive Intelligence®? You can read about it here.

What is the benefit for testing Nektar?

Customers of Sawan water with Digestive Intelligence® have reported significant benefits due to improved digestion. We are bringing this product to market with the same technology as Sawan water, but in more convenient form that is easier to carry and can be added to any food (below 200 degree fahrenheit). We believe more people will notice health benefits as a result of using Nektar.

How can I register for Testing?

Please create an account by clicking here and send us a note via Contact Us saying that you are interested in Testing the product. You will need to a sign Waiver here. You are required to sign with a Notary Public and return the document to us. If the cost for Notarization is prohibitive, please contact Mirabai. Upon receiving it, we will reach out to you.

How can I receive Nektar for testing?

Upon receiving the signed and notarized Waiver of Liability, Non-Disclosure and Hold Harmless Agreement, we will reach out to you with a Coupon Code specifically for you as individual (For specifically cataloging the results). With this coupon, you will be able to add Nektar (For Testing) product to the cart and checkout. The checkout cost will be zero. Once we have received the order, we will ship it and will let you know that it is on your way.

What do I need to test?

You should consume Nektar per enclosed instructions in the package you receive. You can put 10 drops of Nektar in water or in food products that you consume (less than 200 degree Fahrenheit). You can have Nektar 3 times a day. Our bottle provides enough servings to last 30 days. Please use everyday and notice digestion, energy level, sleep, skin tone, mood etc. Every 10 days, we will reach out to you and check with you for feedback.

What is the process for ordering Nektar for testing?

What is the cost for Testing?

For Signing Waiver of Liability, Non-Disclosure and Hold Harmless Agreement with public Notary, you will incur small cost.

Nektar is being provided to you free of cost. When you checkout, add the Coupon Code that we will provide to you after consenting to Waiver of Liability, Non-Disclosure and Hold Harmless Agreement document. With this Code, you will receive the Nektar for free of charge.

How long is the testing period?

Currently we plan to test for 30 days. Its possible that we will increase the testing period after adjusting the product for some period. We will let you know if this happens and will ask you if you would like to participate in testing.

How should I consume Nektar?

You can find the directions here.

How do I get started?

Click here to register.

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